Why does Father not get his share of Summer Vacation?

This issue has been bothering my office for over ten years, why is it that the summer vacation is not split equally? First, if the purpose of mother having most of the time during the school year is to make sure the homework is completed and the logistics of school are handled then what is the rationale for summer. If we accept the premise that father is the Disneyland dad who only cares about having fun, then why is it that dad does not have all of the summer?

Let us review more of the faulty excuses used by mothers to remove time from father. Start with mother does not work and is therefore available. She has a duty to work and is thus not supporting the minor child (we never use the deadbeat term so think of another statement for her actions).

The child has so many activities that the child does not have time to visit dad and I guess it is also so demanding that mother does not have time to work. What is so hard about dropping a child off at the Boys Club or park? The child did not schedule the events it was mother.

Now for the truth, mother knows the child wants to spend the time with the father but then her child support will be reduced. Thus, mother can rationalize that would not be in the best interest of the minor child.

The courts are now more inclined to create an equal schedule for summer than they ever did in the past. If you do not have half of the summer, then schedule an appointment to see my office regarding this issue. If you refer to the newsletter, then we will waive the fee for the interview – I told you this issue is been bothering us.