Times are Changing

In the last ten years there has been an increase of 27.3 percent of single fathers who have primary custody of their children. Although the actual percentage of single fathers is only 8 percent at this time, it was 6 percent in 2000 and 1.1 percent in 1950.

One factor is the mother, who can easily understand why she does not want to only have 20 percent of the time with their minor child, but cannot understand why father wants more than 10 percent of the time. We must admit that there are a number of women who do understand and agree to share the children for the sake of the children, normally that type of compromise is not litigated and they come to agreement on all issues and attorneys are not involved.

The percentage did not increase due to an increase in more reasonable women, it increased because some men stood up and fought for their children. This movement has caused many states to change their laws to favor a shared custody arrangement. The most dramatic change has taken place in Oregon where it is presumed that the children will be shared equally.

What is the point? It is simple, men need to stand up and fight for their children in every way that is possible. First, never agree to less than 50% of the time with your children. Contact your representative in California and ask them how they will vote on a shared custody bill. If this is your only goal you will succeed; however, if you only focus on the economics (who is going to pay the bills, how much is child support, how is the pension divided, and all of the other issues that are not the main goal) you will go backwards. Remember, mother’s only goal is to get the most time with the children and that is why she is normally more successful in custody matters.