Summer Vacation

It may not seem like summer vacation, but it is for a divorce attorney. Our office knows many of our client’s judgments indicate that they have to give notice by a certain date and we hope to remind them to give the notice before it is waived. This is the time to review your orders and to give notice as is appropriate.

What if there are no orders for the summer vacation period? Then the first thing to do is to attempt to get an agreement with the other party. If no agreement can be reached then an OSC must be filed and hopefully an agreement will be reached during mediation. Finally, if it must be decided by a judge, please remember it takes two months to get a court date and it could be continued once for an additional month. Thus, if you filed today it would be set for May 6 and could be continued to June 6 (now you see why it is summer for a divorce attorney).

Summer is a great time for trips, sports camps, dance camps, and just spending time with your children. A new concept is the home vacation, where you take a week off of work and stay home and around home for the week – may see more of this with $5 per gallon gasoline prices.

Remember, life is simple, make a plan and then work your plan – Carroll Stone. It is time to plan for summer.