School and our Children

Now that school has started what should a parent be doing that is in a divorce or separated arrangement. Let us remember we are doing everything for the sake of the minor child and not for any other purpose. Yes, it will also help you going forward with custodial issues.

First, have you been to the school to check to see if you are on the emergency card? Have you introduced yourself to the teacher or teachers? Have you looked into what you can do at the school to volunteer? Have you investigated after-school activities, which may be sports related but not always.

The emergency card is important because that is what the school looks at to determine the child’s contact information. The first person should be the one with the most custodial time, the other parent should be listed second, after those two people then the list can get long. Check before there is a problem.

You need to see the teacher so she knows that you care. Also, the child wants to please you but if you never go to school why would the child think that is a priority. You must make school a priority if you want your child to make it a priority. Go to school.

With the budget there are many opportunities to help at school. I know if you are working you get vacation days, use a couple for the child. The child will appreciate your involvement, the teacher needs the help, and you will feel better.

Finally, most people think that only sports are played after-school but that is not correct. There are many clubs and activities that your child may enjoy and even find a passion, but not if they are never exposed to the activity. Remember, it is for the minor child, so it is about what they want to do and not about the parent. Find an activity that the child enjoys and participate with the minor child.

All of the aforementioned will also help in any custodial hearing, but the truth is by doing the things above you will have a child that will have their best chance to succeed in school. That is something that a judge cannot order. That is something that will bring more happiness than any court order could ever attempt to bring.