Father’s Rights

Father rights to children in divorce

Beginning in 2001, David C. Stone independently contracted to a family law firm specializing in Father’s Rights and was responsible for matters from discovery to trial. In 2002, realizing the potential of his expertise to help fathers, David incorporated The Law Office of David C. Stone, APC in the State of California. Over the next five years, David served as the senior attorney for numerous trials and made thousands of court appearances.

As a divorce lawyer, David developed his philosophy regarding family law issues by incorporating his experience as a dad, business owner, corporate manager, and lawyer. His many family law appearances, study of law, and his actual case outcomes have enhanced his methodology.

As an experienced father’s attorney, David’s philosophy and methods have been tried and tested in four different California counties and have proven to provide consistent resolution of parental issues for his clients in Anaheim and surrounding areas of Orange County.