Methods of Division

There are numerous methods to divide assets and debts and The Law offices of David C. Stone has been involved in every known manner of divorce. Assets and Debts can be divided equally or they can be divided unequally and then one party or the other would equalize the other party for half of the difference. Furthermore some assets, such as stocks or bonds can be divided in-kind. To divide an asset or debt in-kind is to divide the asset equally amongst the parties such as an estate with 100 shares of stock could be divided with 50 shares to each party. Normally, any debt that is associated directly to an asset will be included with that asset, such as an automobile with an outstanding loan.

Sometimes our firm has utilized the services of an attorney service to hold a private auction between the parties to auction the household goods between the parties. A Special Master can be ordered by the court . A Special Master is a lawyer appointed by the court to either value all assets so that the court can divide the assets or to assist the parties in dividing the assets equally amongst themselves. A Special Master is a costly expense and is normally only justified with expensive items.