Child Care Costs

The Law Office of David C. Stone understands that child care costs can be extensive and is, at times, a way for one party to gain an advantage. We strive to achieve the fairest child care judgment on your behalf.

Child care costs can be ordered pursuant to Family Code §4062. The code states that child care costs shall be related to employment or to reasonable necessary education or training for employment skills. Therefore, child care costs shall be shared equally (see the paragraph below regarding apportionments) if they are related to employment.

However, funds enabling one party to shop for certain items or other duties of that nature are not covered. Also the code indicates that child care cost must be reasonable.

Child Care Apportionments
The court may order the costs for child care, travel, and other add-on child support costs to be paid disproportionately between the parties (one party pays 75% and the other 25%). This is an exception to the normal rule of dividing costs equally.