Parental Alienation

Parental Alienation is a major issue within the family law court system. Recent case law regarding a move-away indicated that the potential of parental alienation can figure prominently in a move-away. Our law firm believes that parental alienation is one of the worst issues regarding child custody. The problem with parental alienation is it restricts one parent’s custodial contact for an irrational reason.

Furthermore, the physiological damage to the minor child that constantly hears that one of his or her parents is either no good or doesn’t care is extremely hard to overcome. Many articles and studies have been conducted regarding parental alienation; however, there is no definitive answers at this time. We have witnessed that alienation stops when custody is changed and then the offending party is on their best behavior to try to restore their custodial time.

If you feel you or your child is being affected by Parental Alienation, The Law Office of David C. Stone is well-equipped to remedy your situation.