Practice Areas

The Law Office of David C. Stone specializes in family law which consists of father’s rights, divorce, paternity matter, child custody, child support, spousal support, equitable property division, domestic violence, and restraining orders. The aforementioned areas are the issues that The Law Office of David C. Stone gives their complete dedication. After reviewing our Web site regarding these various areas, you will see that all of them have various rules or exceptions that may apply. As with most family law matters, it is facts that determine the outcome. However, the question is whether or not the appropriate facts will come to light to allow the judicial officer to make an informed decision.

Most of the aforementioned areas of family law are found in every divorce in California that includes children. To investigate how you can best protect yourself during the dissolution process, please review the various pages on this site. When you do, you’ll be better prepared for the individual issues that arise in family law. Our family law staff is experienced in handling family law issues and they know the stress involved with those issues. We display empathy to you during this difficult time.

Our staff has experienced most of the common issues that arise during the dissolution, and we have defined a number of techniques to resolve those issues in a timely and fair manner.