Holiday Court Orders

It is that time of year again and we all are looking forward to a great holiday. However, the holiday can be very disappointing if the plans do not go as planned. Therefore, review your court orders and the school schedule to determine what would be the schedule during the Christmas Holiday. Then email/ text/ write a letter to the opposing party and indicate that you have reviewed the current orders and school schedule and you propose the following would be the plan for the holiday. Include dates, times, locations, phone numbers where you will be staying, and any other information that would be helpful. Beware, many of the court orders are based on a two-week Christmas break and many schools are now exercising a three-week break schedule. If you will do this forthwith, then there is time for discussions and adjustments. Remember, even if the court order is for a two-week period, the intent of the order was to cover the time the child is off from school, therefore, argue for your fair share of the holiday. As you are aware, if you need our help we are ready to fight for you – Because Your Family Matters. Have a Happy Holiday and I look forward to judging the pictures for the hockey tickets.