What is Mediation?

Mediation is a mandatory procedural step before the courts will hear child custody or visitation matters. Mediation is different in every county and also varies within counties. As an example, Riverside County is one of the few reporting counties in California; wherein, after mediation, the meditation department will report to the court their findings and its recommendation based on them. However, in Los Angeles County, if no agreement is reached in mediation, the only notice the judge will receive is a single piece of paper indicating no agreement was reached. Riverside, as a reporting county, is being evaluated by the State to determine which system is the most appropriate. Most counties utilize the Los Angeles County standards and not the Riverside standards.

The Law Office of David C. Stone recognizes how important mediation is for our dissolution clients. We strive to meet with our clients prior to mediation, so they are better prepared to meet their objectives. Attorneys are not allowed in the mediation process, and therefore, the client must know all the possible agreements that could be reached.

The Law Office of David C. Stone utilizes an outside mediator with a Family Law Specialist to help the parties reach agreement without the need for costly litigation. Our firm has a philosophical view that all agreements by the parties are always better than the court mandating how the parties and their children will live their lives.