About Our Law Firm

Our Team at The Law Office of David C. Stone
Beginning in 2001, David C. Stone independently contracted to a family law firm specializing in Father’s Rights and was responsible for matters from discovery to trial. In 2002, realizing the potential of his expertise to help fathers, David incorporated The Law Office of David C. Stone, APC in the State of California . Since that time David served as the senior attorney for numerous trials and made thousands of court appearances.

David developed his philosophy regarding family law issues by incorporating his experience as a parent, business owner, corporate manager, and lawyer. His many family law appearances, study of family law, and his actual case outcomes have enhanced his methodology.

David’s philosophy and methods have been tried and tested in four different California counties and have proven to provide consistent resolution of parental issues for his clients. Such issues include:

  • FLA-10-Best-2016Father’s Rights
  • 730 Evaluations
  • Minor’s Counsel
  • Apportioning and payment of child healthcare costs
  • Responsibility for transportation of minor children
  • Travel cost allocation for visitation
  • Custody orders regarding non-working parents
  • Order of last name hyphenation
  • Right of first refusal
  • Restraining orders

Every issue is fact driven, and only after a complete analysis of all of the facts can an issue be decided fairly.

In 2006, David opened the Anaheim office and expanded the practice to concentrate on the direct representation of his clients. In 2014, David opened a second office in Newport Beach. In addition to the attorney staff, a Senior Paralegal, two Paralegals and a Legal Secretary provide the critically important professional and administrative support in our representation of our clients. We provide our clients with convenient access to a full-service family law as well as estate planning. David is also a minor’s counsel in both Orange County and Los Angeles County.