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child custody casesThe Law Office of David C. Stone is committed to aggressively fighting for your rights as a parent.

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What’s more important, the legal hassles that have resulted from your divorce or when you can see your child?  This is the bottom line when it comes to divorce for most parents.  The house and money can be replaced, but how do you reinstate the time that is lost with your child? How are the children supposed to understand why you are spending less time with them?

The Law Office of David C. Stone understands the emotions while navigating through the divorce process.  Our firm handles only family law matters and over 90 percent of those matters include the issue of custody and visitation.  Our firm works to establish the facts that the court requires to make a decision that is in the best interest of your child.

Our firm will explain the process and work to establish the custodial time that is best for you and your child.  The Law Office of David C. Stone has experience in all types of custody issues from amicably negotiated agreements all the way up to restraining orders and parental kidnapping. There are so many factors to consider and to present to the court that an experienced family law firm is very beneficial to the process.

“Because Your Family Matters”.