What Is a Parenting Plan?

child visitation agreement

During and after a divorce, the most important arrangements of spouses concern those of the upbringing of their children. But because the mother and father may have disagreements about their children, including visitation schedules, healthcare decisions, and upbringing strategies, it’s important to set guidelines that both parties agree to. A parenting plan—also known as a […]

Is Corporal Punishment Allowed in California?


Corporal punishment—also known as spanking—is a disciplinary tactic some parents and guardians use to punish undesirable behavior in their children. Recent law changes and the broadening of definitions for things like child abuse have made its legality vary from state to state and even from incident to incident. California Law Allows Parental Discretion for Disciplinary […]

Child Custody Basics

Child Custody California

If you’re a parent and going through a divorce, it’s important to understand California custody and visitation laws. Custody refers to the rights and responsibilities between parents for taking care of their children, while visitation refers to how each parent spends time with the children. And in California, either parent can have sole custody of […]