What constitutes domestic violence in California?

domestic violence

During divorce proceedings, the topic of domestic violence and its impact on a relationship is commonly brought up by one or both parties. Domestic violence in California is a term that refers to abuse or threats of abuse between people who either have or recently had intimate relationships and people who are related by blood […]

The Domestic Violence Prevention Act Explained

California domestic violence prevention act explain

Domestic violence may be a part of a family or neighborhood concern. This social issue has been a part of any relationship, but the steps to correct this social problem have changed. Domestic violence is an interaction between two persons that are either living together or have lived together in the past. Domestic violence can […]

The Writing’s on the Wall

These days, you or someone you know is using Facebook or some other social networking site.¬† What you may not know is that Facebook content may be used against you in your Family Law case. For example, many clients use Facebook to post pictures of vacations, make statements regarding a new job they got, or […]