Orange County Divorce & Father’s Rights Lawyer

Divorce isn’t something anyone takes lightly. You may have already spent many hours thinking over your decision; you may still be considering it right now. You may be thinking about visitation rights with your child and child support. Family law in California isn’t just confusing; it’s something that no father should have to muddle through alone.

Here are a few steps that will happen along the way.

California’s jurisdiction

Before you file for divorce, several matters of jurisdiction will come up. For instance, you’ll need to have resided in the state for six months and the county where you’re going to file for three months. Also, your child will need to have resided there for three months. Every requirement has exceptions but, don’t worry, The Law Office of David C. Stone will be by your side to provide divorce advice and make sure everything is done right.

Filing for Divorce

Petition. Summons. Discover. Order to show cause.
We’ll be honest with you, the toughest part isn’t always asking for the divorce. The fact is that family law in California is not made to be simple, sometimes, it doesn’t seem to be very fair, either. But the hardest part of all is what you’re going through and we understand that. We’ll provide the best divorce advice through every step and take on the stress of making the system work for you.

Family Law Litigation

Sometimes appearing in court is unavoidable. When that becomes necessary, we will utilize all the evidence received through the Discovery process, employ third party experts when necessary, and utilize other witnesses to properly present the evidence of your case. You deserve to have a divorce lawyer standing beside you who can stand up for you during this crucial time.

The Divorce Judgment

When your trial concludes, the court will enter a Final Judgment. This final judgment is a blueprint for your new life: child custody, visitation rights, alimony, possible issues with restraining orders, dissolution of property, and child support. It’s all in the divorce settlement. The Law Office of David C. Stone, an Orange County divorce lawyer, will work in the best interest of the child.



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