Times are Changing

Fathers Divorce - Custody Matters

In the last ten years there has been an increase of 27.3 percent of single fathers who have primary custody of their children. Although the actual percentage of single fathers is only 8 percent at this time, it was 6 percent in 2000 and 1.1 percent in 1950. One factor is the mother, who can […]

Don’t be late for School

visitation schedule

August is a great month to enjoy summer and take some fun vacations with family and friends.  But don’t forget September is around the corner and that means school will be back in session.  When you get a chance be sure to review your children’s school schedules and make sure you know what the orders […]

Be Your Own Author

Do you ever have questions about your divorce that you just aren’t sure about? Or do you just want to rant or rave about a specific aspect of Family Law? Here’s your chance. Every month you can submit questions or testimonials about Family Law to our office and I will answer or discuss them in […]

Nice Guys Finish Last

I like most everyone else in this world always thought it was best to start off as the nice guy and try to be the one to compromise. And, although I am not changing how I will proceed in the future, I am not in a divorce scenario. What I see on a daily basis […]

Surrender Championship Ring because of Attorney’s Fees?

Well, Chidi Ahanotu found out the hard way that a debt for attorney fees to your ex-wife’s divorce attorney, can be enforced.  Judge in Florida ordered him to turn over his NFL Championship ring to his ex-wife’s attorney for outstanding attorney’s fees.  He owed $130,000 and the ring will bring less than $10,000 so his struggles […]