What Is a Parenting Plan?

child visitation agreement

During and after a divorce, the most important arrangements of spouses concern those of the upbringing of their children. But because the mother and father may have disagreements about their children, including visitation schedules, healthcare decisions, and upbringing strategies, it’s important to set guidelines that both parties agree to. A parenting plan—also known as a […]

Perils of Paternity: What Are My Options After Finding Out I’m Not the Father of My 4-Year-Old Child?

Biological Father DNA Paternity Matter

Finding out you’re not the biological father of a child that you’ve helped raise or support can be difficult to come to terms with. It can also be difficult to arrange new terms if you haven’t been in the child’s life but have been paying child support since his or her birth. Because family courts […]

Perils of Paternity: Finding Out You’re the Father of a Young Child

Paternity rights

Finding out you have a young child can be a shocking and life-changing experience. Your priorities and outlook on life can immediately change. You want to be more involved in your child’s life, but you may not know how to go about it or whether you’re even allowed to obtain paternity, custodial, or visitation rights. […]

Perils of Paternity: Don’t Wait to Determine Paternity & Request Joint Custody

Establishing Parentage

In California, there is generally no question about parentage with married couples when a child is born. However, if a couple isn’t married, the father may experience difficulties establishing his paternity rights if the parentage isn’t established soon after the child is born. To establish parentage, an unmarried father must obtain a court order or […]

Bonding Activities to Enjoy with Your Children During Visits

Activities during child visits

Whether you get to see your children weekly, monthly, or only on special occasions, it’s important to make those visits special and memorable for them and for yourself. Planning outings, activities for the day, the weekend, or an entire week is a great way to create lasting memories with your children and strengthen your bond. […]