What Is a Bifurcated Divorce?

Bifurcated Divorce

Although we do everything we can to expedite the divorce process for our clients to help them move on with their lives, we know that divorces are often long and drawn-out affairs—especially in the state of California. Couples must wait at least six months before divorcing in this state, and many divorce proceedings extend for […]

Electronic Discovery in Divorce Cases

Emails in Divorce

With more and more communication taking place online and via electronic devices, it’s no surprise that internet-based correspondence plays a big role in California courtrooms—and divorce cases are no exception. The recovery of any data that’s stored in electronic format for usage in legal cases and trials is called electronic discovery (also known as e-discovery). […]

Date of Separation and Living Arrangements in California

date of separation agreement

In 2015, the Supreme Court of California ruled that spouses must live in separate residences before a legal date of separation can be established in a divorce. The case—Davis v. Davis (in Re Davis), S215050 (Cal. Jul 20, 2015)—overruled a previous precedence that established date of separations in divorce proceedings only required the intent to […]

Business and Spousal Support Double Dip

spousal support double dipping

Many married couples own and operate businesses together. If a business-owning couple gets divorced, it’s common for one party to buy out the other party in order to gain full ownership of the business. However, the process of separating business assets in California isn’t always a cut and dry process. In fact, business assets and […]